• Jul 21

    Muay Thai Main Event: Cody Jones Determined and Ready for C39

    CONFLICT 39 MAIN EVENT EXCLUSIVE MUAY THAI/MMA FIGHTER CODY JONES Conflict 39 is bringing a hard hitting array of MMA, Muay Thai and grappling to the Memmenger Auditorium. Last week we spoke with Michael Hazzard, one half of an amazing Muay Thai battle set to go down July 30th in Charleston, SC. Today we catch up with champion, warrior and all around highlight reel fighter Cody Jones. Brother, how are you? I’m doing good man. Training hard, working hard and loving life right now. Many Southeast fans know you well from your striking history, and time with Warfare MMA. However, there is a whole new set of fight fans that are getting to see you fight for the first time,+

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  • Full Force Contact: Michael Hazzard speaks Conflict 39 Text

    Jul 14@ 5:46 amR Eric Ellison

    July 30th brings the Conflict MMA action back to Charleston for another blistering summer event, literally lit up with some of the best talent in the Southeast. With MMA, grappling and Muay Thai on the card, any and all combat sports fans should be IN HOUSE for an incredible night of fights and face offs that are guaranteed not to+